Gastronomic Habits In Spain

In Spain, people have the habit of eating lunch at 2:00 pm. At this time, the restaurants are full and many people are on the streets. Spanish people are accustomed to eating the "Menu del dí­a", which consists of: a starter, a main course a drink and or a dessert. Another option is to order side dishes and enjoy the variety of the Spanish cuisine.

The Spanish cuisine varies from region to region. If you are in the Mediterranean region, you will eat lots of seafood and fish.

One of the best known dishes of the region is the "Paella Valenciana", made of rice, vegetables and seafood. If you are in Madrid, you can try the "Cocido Madrileño", a dish composed of chickpeas, chicken, sausage and vegetables.

Another traditional dish from the region of Andalusia, is Gazpacho, a cold soup based on tomatoes and peppers.

Spanish people value good food, so when you're in Spain, you can try out great dishes at a very attractive price. Enjoy!