The Spanish Siesta

A famous term worldwide, ‘La Siesta’ is an old Spanish tradition that consists of sleeping 15 to 30 minutes after lunch. During ‘siesta’ time it is very common to close some commercial establishments.

And how did the siesta begin? Many say that the siesta began in the 11th century with St. Benedict of Nursia (in Castilian), a monk and founder of the Order of the Benedictines.

One of the rules in his Monastery was rest and quiet at the sixth hour (between two and three in the afternoon). During this time all religious persons should rest and invigorate their strength for the rest of the day. Gradually this habit spread among the other monasteries and among the local population.

Some studies now show that napping after lunch aids concentration, restores energy, reduces stress, and prevents heart problems. With so many benefits, visiting Spain and napping is a must.