With more than 2500 years of history, cartagena is one of the most important cities of the mediterranean. It is a city where the old and the modern are present everywhere.

When in cartagena, paying a visit to its port is a must. The port was revitalized a few years ago and is a very pleasant place to visit. Castillo de la concepciĆ³n is the place where you will know a little about the history of the romans, arabs and christians who lived in this region in times past.

Another place full of history is the national museum of underwater archeology. A spectacular place, containing a large collection of archeological pieces which were found and were used by the people who conquered and inhabited the region.

And finally, the roman theater of cartagena that was built by the romans between 5 and 1 bc. Historians say that the capacity of the theatre was 7000 spectators, making it one of the largest found territories of roman dominion.

This region was dominated by many people thus the roman theatre eventually disappeared. However, its remains were found in 1988 during the excavation for the foundations of a centre for craftsmen. Currently the theatre is open to the public and serves as a reminder of the roman dominion in carthago nova, known today as the city of cartagena.