Playa de Bolnuevo

Today, we will explore the Mazarrón Bay which is located in the region of Murcia and is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. This region was once frequented by Phoenicians, Romans, miners and fishermen. Today it is a quiet, cozy place with 300 days of sun during the year.

Located in Mazarrón, the Bolnuevo erosions are rock formations that for thousands of years suffered from the action of the winds and the water. A peculiar landscape that attracts many tourists: some visit Bolnuevo to contemplate and others to participate in an annual photographic event that brings together people from all over the country.
In front of the erosion, is located the beach, where families take advantage of the space to practice sports, bathe in its calm waters or simply relax.

A very important festival of the region is the Bolnuevo Pilgrimage. Legend has it that on November 17, 1585 the Immaculate Conception Virgin performed a miracle: she saved the local population from the invasion of pirates who came from North Africa. When these pirates were fleeing, they abandoned their banner there and did not return to Bolnuevo. So every year, this event is celebrated with lots of partying in Bolnuevo.