British Experiences

Explore thousands of years of world famous people and events with an English language experience in the beautiful country of Scotland, United Kingdom.

From Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, to Ewan McGregor and J.K. Rowling, Scotland truly is an untouchable country when it comes to its historical narrative and famous names and places.

Recorded Scottish history begins with the arrival of the Roman empire, aspects of which can still be viewed across the landscape with highlights being Hadrian's Wall (a World Heritage site) and the Antonine Wall. Known for their fiery dispositions, however, the Scottish were never truly a conquered people; the Caledonians and Picts eventually seeing off the Roman empire in 211AD. However, in the 8th century, the Vikings did battle and accomplished what the Romans couldn’t; winning settlements in Scotland with the resulting rich Viking heritage still on show around Scotland and its Isles.

glav2Scotland’s monarchy history can be explored through visits to Scotland's numerous castles. Ruled by the Shakespearean anti-hero 'King Macbeth' amongst others, Scottish castle tours are a must for any adventurer seeking to connect with the past.

There are also numerous legends and cultural figures from the past which are celebrated through festivals and events throughout the year. Scots celebrate their famous 'son' Robert Burns with a 'Burns Supper' in January of each year, which includes a feast of traditional 'haggis, neeps and tatties' alongside a performance of 'An Ode To A Haggis', with a tasty meal usually followed by a traditional ceilidh with traditional Scots dress and dancing expected. Or you can appreciate the unique design and architecture of one of Europe's favourite designers, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, with a visit to The Willow Tearoom in Glasgow city centre, where Mackintosh designs are everywhere right down to the cutlery.

Scotland’s cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are host to numerous museums and exhibitions, celebrating the scientific and engineering success of past Scots such as James Watt (steam engine inventor), Alexander Graham-Bell (the telephone), John Logie Baird (the television) to name a few. Leading Europe into the Enlightenment was John Napier, James Dewar and Adam Smith amongst others and their names adorn buildings and statues throughout the main cities in Scotland.

A visit to Scotland means ticking off 6 of the world’s famous Heritage sites. Visit the small remote island of St Kilda, the haunted, underground cities of Edinburgh where plague victims met their deaths, the site of Heart of Neolithic Orkney with its Viking ruins, or see the beginnings of the industrial revolution with a visit to the town of New Lanark, home of the Cotton Mills, or one of the world’s best engineering feats, the Forth Road Bridge.

The landscape of Scotland is vast and diverse. From its Capital, Edinburgh - home of the biggest cultural festival in the world (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and it's multicultural, friendly population, to the remotest of Islands where you can dive with Orca whales. There is something for everyone in Scotland.


The cuisine in Scotland is as diverse as its people. The infamous Haggis is a delicacy and the Deep Fried Mars Bar is certainly anexperience. Fresh fish is caught daily in Scottish harbours and disseminated for 'tea' (dinner) in Scotland's famous Fish and Chip Shops around the country. Or why not try some of the famous Scottish-Italian Ice Cream, a taste most Scots travel to the wee coastal town of Ayr to experience, washed down with a dram of real Scots whisky?

Of course, a visit wouldn't be final without an expedition to try and catch a glimpse of the famous Loch Ness Monster! And if you don't manage to catch a glimpse, you could always catch a fresh salmon instead, or take in a round of golf in Scotland's most famous golf course in St Andrews.

A language experience in Scotland is so much more than just learning English.