Brazilian Experiences

It's the fifth largest country in the world and home to the Amazon rainforest, considered the“lungs of the earth”, with some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. But Brazil is much more than this.

With a coastline of over 7,000 km long, paradisiacal beaches that appeal to the most discerning visitor, and a rich and vibrant culture, it should be on everyone’s top three places to visit. And with a unique climate, it’s a place you can visit all year round and still see sunshine.

Brazil is rich in history. The first settlers to arrive in Brazil were Portuguese explorers led by Pedro Alvares Cabral, who came in the 1500s. Upon arrival, they found a land already inhabited by indigenous people. Then came the Africans who were enslaved by the Portuguese. Brazil, over time, welcomed other nationalities such as Japanese, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, and many others.

Although Brasilia is the capital, São Paulo is the largest city, and is considered the cultural and economic capital of the country. Other cities are also worth mentioning, are Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, among others. Each state is unique, with climate, culture and nature that sets it apart from the rest. Belo Horizonte, home to Brazil’s reserves of precious stones. Rio – famous for its arts and cultural events. Sao Paulo, the Brazilian city that never sleeps. It’s a country you can discover again and again over time.

0-carnavalThe cultural legacy of Brazil is diverse and includes rhythms such as samba, maracatu and frevo. In the world of arts, we can mention Portinari, Tarsila do Amaral, Alfredo Volpi, Romero Britto, among others, as international influencers. Music and poetry are very important in Brazilian culture. Who does not know the famous song Girl from Ipanema by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes and the Aquarela do Brazil, composed by Ary Barroso? And who can fail to mention Brazil’s Carnaval? Although Rio de Janeiro is what most people think of when you mention Carnaval, but Carnival in other cities can be equally interesting. June Festivals, like Festa Junina, Cavalhadas, among others.

0-feijoadaThe country also hosts some of the world’s most interesting architecture. Oscar Niemeyer is an important Brazilian architect. His works are present in some world capitals.

For your pallet, traditional cuisine is quite varied, with the most important dishes being feijoada, Virado Paulista, pato no tucupi, bobó de camarão, among others.

Brazil is a vibrant country with very friendly people who will always be willing to receive and welcome visitors in a unique way.